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Two former high school sweethearts get a surprising second chance at love.

Missy Clark left small town life and her first love when she went away to college. Five years later, she returns to Sun Valley with a secret that’s sure to tarnish her reputation.

Nate Dawson never stopped loving Missy when she left home. Answered prayers have brought her back into his life, but the consequences she bears may destroy their second chance at love.

Can these sweethearts regain the innocence of the past and find hope and healing in the Lord for their future?


Second Chance Sweethearts



A handsome young man called out to her and waved as he approached. Missy blinked in surprise. Who was this guy? Broad shoulders and a defined chest filled out his gray T-shirt. His dark brown hair was cut short on the sides, but left long enough in the front to reveal a natural curl. A strong jawline set off his grin and the dimple in his right cheek. She inhaled sharply. There was no mistaking that dimple, the one she used to poke before she leaned in to—

“Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes!”

Her gaze landed on the mouth of the boy she once loved to kiss. His body and face, and especially his voice, were that of a man’s, but his green eyes held a familiar, youthful sparkle. “Nate? I almost didn’t recognize you. You’ve … grown.”

“That’s what working in construction does to you. It’s like spending eight hours a day at the gym, every day.” Shaking his head, he gave her a quick once-over and whistled. “You’ve grown, too. You’re more beautiful than I remember. I couldn’t believe it when Mitch said you were back. It’s so good to see you, Missy.”

Before she could respond, he grabbed her in a tight embrace and swung her around. A giggle escaped her lips, despite some pain she had from the bruises hidden underneath her long sleeves. She welcomed Nate’s arms. They were strong, yet gentle and protective. He held her the way she longed for a man to hold her. When the soles of her sandals touched the ground, her heart soared for an extra beat.


The emotion was foreign to her mind, but her body remembered it well.


I loved this awesome book so much! I adore the return to hometown and second chance romance tropes, and this book did both of them SO well! 

Caitlyn S.


Amazon Reviewer


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