Author Liwen Y. Ho


A Letter to My Munchkins from their Spidey-Mama

  Dear Munchkins, As your parent, I feel a little bit like Spiderman. It’s probably because I have a really strong “Spidey-sense” (aka. Mom-with-eyes-on-the-back-of-her-head-skills), but even more, I am left at times feeling like I have too much power. Power to influence your precious hearts and minds in how you see the world. Power in shaping …

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Measuring Love

Recently, E asked me, “Who do you love more, me or C?” Not this again! Didn’t C just ask me this question the other day, too? My eyes opened wide in exasperation and I, like any other smart parent in the world, replied, “I love you bloth!” (Bloth is how the kids pronounce “both”, don’t …

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Hamster Wheels

Image courtesy of James Barker/ “I wish I was a hamster.” We were at Petsmart getting some dog food and we had just walked past the aisle with the hamster cages. E saw the little wheels inside those cages and wished he could be a hamster so he could run on one of them. While …

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