Author Liwen Ho

The more the merrier

A fake date with her neighbor—what could go wrong?

A lot, apparently, when Santa comes around with mistletoe and won’t let them off the hook until they give into the holiday magic.

If Alyssa doesn’t kiss Barry, her family will find out they’ve been faking their relationship. If she does kiss Barry, their friendship will go places it’s never gone before.

Now that she’s thinking about it, the second option doesn’t sound all that bad…

A Spoonful of spice

Train the beautiful new girl at work—how hard could that be?

A lot harder than Josh thought since he first glimpsed her piercing green eyes. Cin’s the only woman in his IT department, not to mention the most cheerful one he’s ever met.

She easily wins everyone else over, but he can’t let himself be distracted when there’s a job promotion on the line. But every time she makes him smile, he wonders if there’s more to life than work…

Of buds and blossoms

Watch her best friend date someone else—how hard could that be?

Really hard, especially when Chloe’s the one who convinced Dill to attend a speed-dating mixer with her. She can hardly focus on her own dates when she hears him laughing along with those other women.

That’s when she realizes she wants to be the one who makes Dill laugh. Like the way he’s always been there for her. But is it too late to let him know?

On waves of wanderlust

Falling for a man who believes in love at first sight—what could go wrong?

Not much at first. Healing from a broken heart, Macy goes on a cruise where she happens to meet a handsome entrepreneur. He’s the free spirit to her play-it-safe ways, but the more time they spend together, the more she’s charmed by Jake.

She’s ready for a change and considers giving into her heart’s desire, but nothing goes according to plan when her ex shows up with an engagement ring.

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